Order your signed copy of Dianna’s book, “Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends!”  Foreward was written by our dear friend, Chip Coffey (read below).

In it, you will read much of what you hear while on the tour, and much more. More details into the history of Roswell and these haunted locations.  More detailed stories of paranormal activity, plus more locations we don’t have the time to talk about while on the tour.

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FOREWARD: Written by Chip Coffey

Roswell, Georgia, is one of hundreds of small, quaint towns that dot the landscape of the South. Located just a short distance north of the city of Atlanta, it is a place that is rife with beauty, history and hauntings!

It is quite evident that Dianna Avena loves Roswell. She makes her home there with her family and she operates the Roswell Ghost Tour, a labor of love that acquaints visitors not only with the town’s rich history, but also with its reportedly haunted reputation.

I first took the Roswell Ghost Tour during the fall of 2006. The autumn night was damp, chilly and overcast. A brisk wind sang through giant oak trees and autumn leaves danced and rustled all around. What a perfect evening to hear about spirits and visit haunted places!

Dianna led our group, numbering about twenty to twenty-five, on a mile-long journey through Roswell. Not only is she a breathtakingly beautiful lady, she is eloquent as well, and her passion for Roswell’s history and its ghosts is instantly apparent.

The visit to Founders Cemetery is especially spooky, and ending the tour at “The Creepy House” left me feeling like I had certainly “met” some of the specters that haunt Roswell.

As a psychic, medium and paranormal investigator, I always hope to have my own personal experiences when I “hunt” for ghosts. And I had several during the Roswell Ghost Tour. Someone – or something – nudged my leg outside one of the buildings, moments before Dianna told us that, on earlier tours, a little girl who “haunts” the building often grabs the legs of those taking the tour. Later, as we were walking to another location, an unseen hand tugged at the back of my shirt! Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I could have sworn that, several times, I saw faces of Roswell’s long-dead residents gazing out at me from many of the darkened windows of houses and other buildings.

It came as no surprise to me when I heard that Dianna was writing a book about Roswell. Who better to tell its stories and add her own unique blend of “sitting around the campfire” spookiness to the tales?

No visit to the Atlanta area is complete without planning an evening to enjoy the Roswell Ghost Tour. Keep in mind that even our ghosts and goblins here in the South will welcome you with their own “sixth sense” of Southern hospitality!!

Until your travel plans call for a visit to Georgia, sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of Roswell as you read Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends.