Paranormal photos?

Do you feel you’ve possibly captured an anomaly on our tour or elsewhere? Please feel free to email it to us if you’d like our opinion on it. Note our stance on “orb” photos. We do not feel that orbs in photos are indicators of anything paranormal. Visit this very helpful site for more information:  Orbs are paranormal, aren’t they?

Bulloch Hall

We get photos exactly like these submitted to us on a very regular basis.  Two photos taken of any window at Bulloch Hall.  Something's in the first photo (looking out at the group?), but then not the other. submitted2  

A tour goer by the name of Jennifer sent this next one in with the red circle around what she found to be unexplainable, as no one was seen sitting in that second rocking chair as they were approaching the house. redcircle Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.26.42 AM

Submitted by tour goer, Jacob Dore, he was surprised to see a very, very tall, and very slender figure in this photo he snapped as the tour group was leaving the grounds of Bulloch Hall.  No one was in sight, completely unexplainable by all who were present! Figure   Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.08.33 PM


Founders Cemetery

This is one of our favorite paranormal photos of all time!  This was taken in October 2014 by tour goer, Lisa Paine, while the tour group was in Founders Cemetery.  She was simply taking a photo of the large tree there, as others were walking around.  She looked down to look at her snapshot, when she saw the figure that looks like a heavily bearded man with a loose-fitting white shirt on.  Possibly having no right arm.  She immediately looked all around to see if there was a man in the group that matched that description, only to find that there was not.  Joe Avena (tour co-owner) happened to be coming into the cemetery with his own tour group, and was shown this photo.  He also looked around, and knew he had not seen a bearded man at all that night.

Catherine's Cottage

This is a photo of the glass encasement inside of the “Fire in the Walls” house that we mention on the tour. These items were found inside of the home during renovations. Are these Catherine’s shoes?

Erik Hodgson shared this next photo with us. He snapped this from his iPad while on our tour with his wife, Amanda Hodgson.  She is the woman he was taking a photo of, seen straight ahead. No one was standing over to the right (the Old Bricks are to his left, the old playground is to his right), yet this figure was captured. They had just left the Catherine's Cottage stop and were heading to the Old Bricks stop.  He feels this looks like a Union soldier with a sword in his belt. He also noted that the figure does not appear to be casting a shadow! 


Zoomed in on the unexplainable figured, and cropped...

Do you see a sword in the figure's belt above?

The Old Bricks

This photo was taken during our stop in front of the Old Bricks by a tour goer. Did she capture "Fred," the Confederate Soldier that haunts this building?


Public House

One night, we had a special event and got to end inside of the historic Public House building on the town square.  We were speaking to the group about a confederate soldier ghost that's been seen on this floor and on this stairwell many times over the years, as they were all sitting at tables on this main floor.  A tour goer had come with his FLIR camera that he used for work, and captured this figure at the base of the stairs.  Once he emailed it to us, I asked him if the "figure" could actually be the heat from the overhead light fixtures.  He plugged in the temperatures to show that it couldn't be (see temperature scale on right side).  Furthermore, he emailed me months later to say that he took this photo to the FLIR camera's company's representation at a convention, and they could not explain this photo.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 7.39.58 AM



Roswell photos

The following 4 photos were taken by the talented, Shane Garner

Barrington Hall


Bulloch Hall


Creepy House not looking so creepy in these beautiful photos



Burned down overnight in December 2014



Historic Photos of Roswell, GA

One of the earliest photographs of Bulloch Hall, late 1800s.

Old Bulloch

Mittie Bulloch Roosevelt was 19 when she married Theodore Roosevelt at her Bulloch Hall home in 1853

Mittie Bulloch

President Theodore Roosevelt and his wife, Edie, in front of his mother's childhood home, Bulloch Hall.

Ted Roosevelt at Bulloch

Mimosa Hall, built for John Dunwoody, pictured here in the 1950's

old Mimosa Hall

Barrington Hall

Barrington Hall

Catherine on the front steps of Barrington Hall

Catherine at Barrington

Laurel Woolen Mill (formerly the Ivy Mill) workers posting for this 18902 photo in front of the factory near Vickery Creek.


Employees at the Oxbo Falls Manufacturing Co. standing in front of the water wheel covered with ice about 1900.


 Women at work in the Oxbo Pants Factory in the 1930s

women in factory

Roswell King (1765 - 1844)


The Bricks, 2 apartment buildings built around 1840


Roswell Town Square in the 1939

old square

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