Sun on the columns on the front porch of Bulloch Hall (our first top on the tour). Photo by Gittel Price of the Roswell Photographic Society and Women in Focus

The following photos were taken by talented artist and photographer, Shane Garner. See more of his work at his website (

Barrington Hall

Bulloch Hall

“Creepy” house

“Creepy” house not looking nearly as creepy in these beautiful photos.

Paranormal pics?

Do you feel you’ve possibly captured an anomaly on our tour or elsewhere? Please feel free to email it to us if you’d like our opinion on it. Note our stance on “orb” photos. We do not feel that orbs in photos are indicators of anything paranormal. Visit this very helpful site for more information:  Orbs are paranormal, aren’t they?

This photo was taken during our stop in front of the Old Bricks by a tourgoer. Did she capture the Confederate Soldier that haunts this building?

This photo was submitted by a tourgoer. Did she capture Catherine, in the “Fire in the Walls” cottage. Dianna was leading this tour, looked at the window after the photo was taken, and could find no natural reason for this anomaly. No furniture, wall hanging, etc., could be found on the other side of the room or the window inside.

This is a photo of the glass encasement inside of the “Fire in the Walls” house. These items were found inside of the home during renovations. Are these Catherine’s shoes?

These 2 photos were submitted by tourgoer, Tina Rhamy. They were taken at Bulloch Hall. The 1st photo shows a possible figure in the window, the 2nd photo was taken seconds later and shows that the unexplained figure is gone.

We get photos exactly like these submitted to us on a very regular basis.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 11.53.11 AM

Submitted by tour-goer, Sherri Wolcott... did she capture a little girl looking out of the window of the "Creepy House?"

More Photos of Roswell, GA:

Roswell Mill Factory (photo taken in the mid 1800’s)

Workers at the Roswell Mill

Workers at the Roswell Mill

Teddy Roosevelt visiting Bulloch hall in 1905. Bulloch Hall was his mother’s childhood home, and also where his parents wed.

Roswell King (1765 - Feb 15th 1844)