Have you already been on our tour and are planning a return visit?  Mix it up!  Each of our guides keeps to the “skeleton” of the tour and information (no pun intended), but each of our guides have their own styles, as well as their own unique personal experiences to share with you!  We provide the names of the scheduled guides on the Schedule so that you have the option of choosing a subsequent tour with a different guide.

DIANNA AVENA - Owner and Guide

Dianna has been a Roswell resident since 1989 and is a proud Mom to three boys. She has worked as an Actress/Model/Body & Stunt Double in film, tv, and print media since 1994. Dianna attended this tour herself in 2000 and immediately fell in love with it, attending many more times before purchasing the tour.  It's unrecognizable now from its beginnings, as the tour has evolved into a very professional tour strongly formed from her extensive research and experience as a paranormal investigator. She feels fortunate to have the opportunity to represent Roswell Ghost Tour as she has for over fourteen years now. She enjoys introducing others to our city through its haunting tales, and feels that it’s a walk back in time each time she does so. Long-time Roswell residents usually find that they learn much about their city’s rich history through this informative and entertaining ghost tour that she has created. Residents and local businesses in Roswell continue to share their stories and experiences with her, so that keeps the Roswell Ghost Tour constantly evolving and exciting.

Dianna’s book, “Roswell: History, Haunts and Legends” (signed copies available for purchase following every guide’s tour) was released in October of 2007. In September 2007, she decided the best way to achieve her goals of adding to the general knowledge in the paranormal community was to found and lead her own investigative team. Hence, came the formation of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. The team was announced as TAPS Family Members representing the state of GA in January 2008. Dianna continues to be a frequent guest on radio programs, tv shows and public speaking engagements around the country. She and her husband, Joe, were featured paranormal investigators on an episode of Sci-Fi’s “Ghost Hunters” entitled “Titanic Terror”, which aired in their 5th season. (See two investigations in that episode HERE) Dianna is part of the TAPS Family Staff, where she currently heads up the TAPS Family Help Desk for the worldwide TAPS Family network.


Joe is the proud husband to Dianna Avena and shares her fascination and love for the city of Roswell, GA where he has lived since 1985.  His interest in its haunted past has also grown since first taking the tour himself with Dianna in 2000. He is Co-Founder of Roswell Georgia Paranormal Investigations. Joe and Dianna were on an episode of Sci-Fi’s “Ghost Hunters”, which aired in their 5th season (see episode HERE).  He and Dianna have traveled all over the US as speakers at paranormal events.  Joe also works as an Actor/Model in film, tv, and print since 1990.  Joe’s main gig is that of Business Manager with UPS in Roswell.


Jonathan is a seven year veteran of the Roswell Ghost Tours and has lived in Roswell over 13 years. Educated as a Historian and a former Seminarian, Jonathan brings a unique and enlightening perspective on the vast paranormal experiences in our beautiful town. His own personal experiences range back to his youth and have been enhanced by many gathered on his Roswell Tours. He is the Father of three great children and makes his home in Roswell.


Beth Dolgner has a lifelong interest in both the paranormal and local history. She has had the opportunity to work with several paranormal investigation teams in both Georgia and Florida, and she has worked with local documentary filmmakers on projects about ghosts. A writer by trade, Beth is the author of several books, including Georgia Spirits and Specters—a collection of Georgia ghost stories—and Everyday Voodoo. Her fiction includes the Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter series. Signed copies of Beth’s books are available at the end of her tours. In her free time, Beth volunteers at Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta and indulges her inner geek with sewing and costuming. Beth and her husband Ed live in Atlanta with their five cats.


Lauren Miller grew up in Bowie, MD, where she became interested in the paranormal at a young age. Her childhood home was believed to be haunted by friendly spirits of her mother's family. She moved to Georgia in 2009 after spending 4 years living at the beach in Ocean City, MD. Now residing in nearby Sandy Springs, she fell in love with the city of Roswell, as she is interested in old buildings, history, and ghost stories. Lauren works as a bartender at events around Atlanta, as a pet food nutritionist, and as a tanning consultant at a salon. She is also a TV/movie extra, and is working on starting her own cat rescue.  In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching movies, traveling to new places, visiting family and friends, spending time with her two cats, and volunteering to help rescue animals. She has also participated in paranormal research and investigations.


Chris was born and raised in northern California. After graduating from high school in 1991 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and served for 20 years, working as a military police officer and criminal investigator. Chris originally moved to GA in 2004 and after retiring from the Navy in 2011, he returned to GA and has made it his home.

Chris' interest in the paranormal began in his youth. Even at a young age he would seek out as many books and programs as possible to learn more about the paranormal. His service in the Navy afforded Chris the opportunity to travel the world, often enabling him to visit some of the most haunted sites in the U.S. and abroad. Chris is an experienced paranormal investigator and has been a member of Roswell Paranormal since 2015.

Chris and his wife are the proud parents of 5 wonderful children (4 girls and 1 boy). Some of his interests outside of the paranormal are music, sports, and history. Chris is a former resident of Roswell and currently lives in Kennesaw. He is a full-time student who is majoring in psychology and is also training to become an EMT/Paramedic.


Ben is originally from Detroit Michigan but through his forty year career in accounting and finance had lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles before moving to Roswell with his wife Michele in 1987. He has always had an interest in history but his particular interest in Roswell history grew as his wife Michele became the Assistant Site Coordinator at Barrington Hall.

Ben, like a lot of people, was very skeptical of the paranormal and would always look for the logical explanation. His fascination and acceptance grew after hearing the personal experiences from both his wife (at Barrington) and daughter (who worked at the Roswell Tea House). As a reformed skeptic, he has since learned that there are countless encounters around Roswell, too numerous to explain away and is eager to share those with you.


Heather, a Roswell area native, has always loved the history and ghost stories of the town. She attributes her interest in the paranormal to the ghost stories she heard as a child in many places around the square. As a child, she grew up watching just about every paranormal show on the air and is an avid fan of horror flicks and thrillers. As an adult, she was always a sceptic but became a believer in the paranormal when she had personal experiences that she could find no logical explanation for. She is always willing to share her experiences and listen to the experiences of others. She loves history, reading, writing, and her cat. Her hobbies include swimming, driving around aimlessly to see what new places she can discover, and hanging out with friends and family. She graduated in 2014 with a degree in Writing and is a creative writer in her spare time.

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