Q. When are tours given?

A. Check our “Schedule” tab for currently scheduled tours. Generally, year-round, we have tours running every Friday and Saturday evening, some Sunday evenings, and occasional weeknights. Many more tours are scheduled during the month of October. We begin to assemble ourselves in the bandstand 15 minutes before the tour time to get waivers signed and get paid up. We will start promptly at the tour’s start time! Private group tours can also be arranged to fit your schedule.

Q. How much is the tour?

A. Tour fee is $15 per adult, $10 for children (12 and under) and does not include gratuities for your guide. We proudly donate a portion of Roswell Ghost Tour’s proceeds to many restoration and preservation projects throughout historic Roswell.

Q. Is the tour ok for children?

A. Our tour is not recommended for small children. The tour does not hold the interest of small children/toddlers, so they inevitably become bored and disruptive. Although, the Roswell Ghost tour is a great idea for private birthday parties! These private tours may be made age appropriate for ages 8 and up.  When considering whether or not you should bring your child, please keep in mind that we are NOT the costumed, “street theater” kind of ghost tour. Our tour is led by paranormal investigators, we do not use dramatics. On the other hand, you can rest assured that nothing jumps out at us, there is nothing done by our tour guides that is intended to startle.

Q. What should I bring with me on the tour?

A. We recommend that you bring a FLASHLIGHT (the more we have the better, but please refrain from shining at private residences!), umbrella (if necessary), good walking shoes, a camera, insect repellent (if necessary), and an open mind! Also – an empty bladder! There are no public restrooms available on the route. Otherwise, you’re welcome to bring any beverages with you that you don’t mind carrying. Many attendees have been known to bring along a thermos full of hot beverages for cold weather tours, or cold beverages for the warmer weather tours.

Q.  Do you provide hand-held ghost hunting gadgets on your tours?

A.  Remember, we are experienced paranormal investigators that have been speakers across the country for many years on the subject, featured on TV & radio programs, and have participated in hundreds of professional investigations.  On our reputable tour, we aim to properly educate about paranormal theories, proper investigations, types of hauntings, etc.  We understand the novelty that this equipment would provide, but we will never  mislead.  We understand that walking along public streets is NOT a controlled environment for ideal investigations to get true readings of that sort of energy.  Cell phones, street lights, power lines, etc, will ALL create false readings on hand-held equipment/gadgets every time.  No, we will never be one of those tours that allows you to believe that every little blip is indicative of a ghost.  You are always welcome to bring your own equipment with you though!

Q. Where can I read more about what we saw on the tour?

A. On our “Links” page there are several useful links about historic places that we visit on our tour.

Q. Are private ghost tours available?

A. Yes!  Please email us at ghosttour@roswellghosttour.com to inquire about details.  

Q. Do we go in any buildings? Do we ride in a hearse, car, or bus?

A. No, we’re outside the entire 2+ hours.  We do not go into any buildings and we’re on foot the entire time.  We pride ourselves on no gimmicks, no fake accents, no costumes, no acting.  The tour is fascinating enough without them!  There are a couple of locations we do not get to approach directly, but these locations are interesting and important to Roswell’s history, so we feel strongly about including them.  Either they are private residences, so we must respect their private property, or they are off-limits after dark (i.e., the old mill ruins) for good reason.

Q. How long does the tour last?

A. Plan on 2.5 hours! From start to finish, we cover just one easy mile.

Q. What is the tour’s address?

A. If you wish to plug the tour’s address into a GPS system, mapquest, etc. use this address:  610 Atlanta St, Roswell, GA 30075. This is NOT a mailing address.  There is no mailbox there, this is the address to the Roswell Town Square to help you find the location of the tour. We meet directly across the street from the Roswell Visitor’s Center whose address is 617 Atlanta St. If you would like to mail us something, please email us at ghosttour@roswellghosttour.com and ask for a mailing address.

Q. What happens if it rains?

A. We will still run the tour as long as we have at least 6 willing attendees, and will not cancel a tour ourselves unless the conditions are unsafe. We also have a generous rain check policy. If you’d like to start the tour, you have up to an hour to decide if you’d like to continue on or not. If you feel the weather is too uncomfortable to continue on for the entire tour, and if it’s still within the first hour of the tour, simply ask your tour guide for a rain check and you will be given rain check(s) to come at another time of your choosing. If the weather is severe enough to warrant a cancellation on our part, we will contact everyone that made reservations. Please be sure that you provide us with a good contact phone number in your emailed reservation. If you have not heard from us about a cancellation, our guide will be at the square, ready to run the tour.

Q. Why do I need to sign a liability waiver?

A. Because we cannot be held responsible for what may occur if you get frightened and go running into oncoming traffic or any other dangerous scenarios caused by your reactions.

Q. Can you give any recommendations for good restaurants nearby the tour route?

A. Certainly! We have an area on our Links page with websites to all of our favorite restaurants that are very close by.

Q. Is the tour wheelchair accessible?

A. A few tweaks to the tour route can be made to allow for wheelchairs.

Q. Why do everything through email?

A. We prefer to have reservations done through email so that we can keep your emails in an email file. They are then deleted after your scheduled tour date has come and gone. This way, we cannot mishear your phone number. It seems inevitable that if someone leaves a message at our answering service, another call comes through at the same time that leaves a “beep” overlying part of the phone number as it’s given. We do not get a caller ID on those voicemails, so our hands are tied if we can’t get a phone number to call you back on. Or, people leave messages while going through a bad cell phone area and all we’re hearing is static.

Additionally, it’s erroneous to assume that we get phone calls faster than emails. Emails get to our iPhones and computer immediately, and it’s a quick “copy and paste” to get you your Confirmation Email with all of the details that you need. If you leave a voicemail instead, you are at the mercy of when we’re able to call in to the voice mail service, which may only be a couple of times a day.  Also, particularly during the more popular weeks and months, I do lose my voice, and it’s not due to doing the tours, it’s from answering phone calls and all the questions that people ask (which are all answered here on the FAQ page).

Q. Will I be able to witness paranormal activity on this tour?

A. Unexplainable activity happens frequently on the Roswell Ghost Tour. Of course, we cannot guarantee anything. We don’t trust that every little thing that tourgoers tell us is in fact paranormal in nature, but oftentimes, we cannot explain away what people are feeling, seeing, hearing, sensing, etc. We receive many photos from tourgoers as well, indicating what they feel to be paranormal in nature. We cannot possibly post them all on our website, but have posted a few on our “Photos” page.

Q. I sent a Reservation request through email, but have not received a confirmation email. OR… I called in my reservation on the aswering service, but I haven’t received a confirmation phone call.

A. Please check your Spam/Junk folders. Most often, when people call or email to say they have not received their Confirmation Email, it can be found there. If you still don’t see it, try sending it to us again. If you called in your reservation but haven’t heard back from us, there was likely a problem in hearing your phone number as it was left. Even if we get hold of you by phone, we’re going to be asking for your email address so that we can get your Confirmation Email to you. It’s a lot harder to hear the email address, write it down correctly and then type it in correctly, than it is to simply “Reply” and get you all the information that you need.

Q. Can I bring my dog(s) on nights that are not the “Bring Your Leashed Pet Nights?”

A. Unfortunately, no. Years ago, we used to allow them at any time, but had some issues a few times with other tour-goers getting very upset by this. Some were so frightened by even the smallest dogs, they had to leave in a panic upon finding out that a dog was going to be with us on the tour. Ghosts? No problem for them, but dogs? Whole other story. This is what prompted us to have a specially designated night, once per month, where everyone on that tour is “in the know” about the fact that dogs MAY be present.

Q. Is there a maximum number of people that you allow on the tours?

A. Yes and no. There isn’t an exact number that we stop every tour at, and it also depends on the time of year. October brings in bigger groups, especially on the weekends. We all wear portable microphones, so you should never have issues in hearing us. We WILL indicate tours as FULL on our website, and then add more tours, if demand is high. If the tour you’re interested in attending is on the online Schedule, and not indicated as FULL, it is still available.  The sole reason we require reservations is so that we can know ahead of time how many people we’re expecting.  If it is getting large, we’ll bring in another guide and split the group up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Q.  Can I get a private tour during the month of October?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A.  Not unless your group totals 30 or more people.